Engineered Plastics

We've been a trusted supplier of Engineered Plastics to industry for more than 50 years.

Our Plastics give you enhanced performance characteristics for blowmolding, injection molding and extrusion applications. Our compounds include multi-component blends and alloys formulated to meet your specific performance requirements.

Engineered Plastics  Documents

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  Engineered Materials for Unattended Household Appliances
  Engineered Materials for Underhood, Powertrain and Chasis
  From ECO Production to ECO Thermoplastics
  Interior Solutions for Automotive Applications
  Laser Marking of Thermoplastics
  Polyflam® RIPP 2000 S
The right materials for stadium seats
  Polyflam® SDR 5000
HBCD free Polystyrene
  Schulablend® (ABS/PA) M/MK and Cleanfix®
The Blend with high chemical resistance
  Schulablend® M/MW
UV-resistant and matt – but without the paint!
  Schulablend® meets NESPRESSO®
A fusion of quality, design and taste
  Schuladur® FR1
A comprehensive range of Flame Retardant Polyesters
  Schuladur® HR
Resistant to heat and moisture
  Schuladur® PCR
Reinforced PBT/PET compounds
  Schuladur® Top Speed
Our PBT is faster
  Schulamid® 6 GF 30 TC
The cost effective Polyamide
  Schulamid® 66 MT5 HI LS Silver
The Oscar winner amongst the plastics
  Schulamid® 66 MV HI TST
Good value, high impact strength, top quality.
  Schulamid® FR2
Halogen free Nylon
  Schulamid® MNF
Innovative fllers reduce warp and weight

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