Specialty Powders

Powder The Way You Want It

While the standard form of most plastics is a spherical or cylindrical pellet, there are a variety of markets and technical uses where this size and shape is not adequate, and the material is needed in powder form in order to function optimally.

The largest market that requires the use of powdered plastics (primarily polyethylene) is rotational molding. In this process, powdered plastic is put inside a mold which is then rotated in three dimensions. While continuously rotating, the mold enters an oven which causes the powder to melt, and then enters a cooling zone, which causes the plastic to solidify, thereby producing a hollow, rotationally molded part.

Rotational molding is ideal for producing hollow parts in markets where the volumes are relatively low. Examples include water and chemical tanks and containers, domestic and leisure products, and marine related products.

There are many other applications where the commercially available material is not available in the physical form needed to suit a particular industry or a technology. With the 50+ years of expertise of A. Schulman Specialty Powders and through our processing services such as size-reduction, classifying, blending, compounding, and other unique technologies, a material can be converted into a powder that performs optimally for the intended technology or application.

Halar ECTFE / Solef PVdF Distribution

A. Schulman's Specialty Powders now manages the distribution of Solvay's Halar ECTFE and Solef PVdF products.