Color Technology Centers

Our expertise in color covers every product area and all the manufacturing processes. As a single-source supplier, our goal is to help our customers realize their product visions. You can count on us not only for resins, but also for precisely matched color concentrates, pre-colored formulas, and color blends.

With an A. Schulman Color Innovaton Center, your single source for color is centralized and responsive. Each precisely matched color meets our highest standards, and our worldwide distribution network gives you global access to our services.

Color design/development and color matching require not only highly trained technicians and developers, but also sophisticated and state of the art equipment. To meet that challenge, A. Schulman has heavily invested in our personnel and acquired the proper technology to meet the demanding specifications of our customers.

Below you will find a sample of the technologies used in our color matching and design process.*


Color Spectrophotmetry

  • Gonio Spectrophotometer (Isocolor Inc.) - A. Schulman Inc. is the only plastics company in the United States with an instrument of this capability. The Gonio Spectrophotometer is able to dynamically measure the properties of special effect samples and plot the color travel in 3D color space. This is accomplished by the means of taking measurements at different angles of illumination and viewing and displaying the colorimetric values associated with each set of angles. Most other Gonio instruments used in the field today are static angle instruments. This instrument can read BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) measurements of a flat sample from every angle of illumination and measurement (up to 24,000 readings) and then render the BDRF onto any three dimensional CAD model. This gives our customers a better idea of how our special effect colors will look on their products, both current and conceptual, in different lighting environments, all without actually having to produce a product.
  • Spectrophotometer – Our state of the art equipment and software measures properties of color throughout the visible spectrum. Hundreds of known colorants have been stored into the database of the software, allowing us to achieve even the most difficult color matches or unknown formulas. This equipment also allows us to measure color numerically to ensure optimal color agreement between a color standard and the final product.
  • Colorimeter - Hand held colorimeters allow us to evaluate field samples and identify your color requirements on-site to further expedite the color matching process. You’ll receive precisely what you need, right when you need it.
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer – This instrument measures the amount of light absorbed, transmitted, or reflected by a specimen throughout the UV, visible, and near infrared spectrums.


  • Optical Microscope – Our high-powered microscope is used to visually evaluate samples by transmitted or reflected light to help us better identify color sample properties.
  • Controlled Color Viewing System – Used to visually determine whether a sample is on color in conjunction with computer data from the spectrophotometer. A multi-functional lighting system allows the sample to be viewed under any light source dictated by the customer or the application. Allows us to simulate different types of outdoor and indoor lighting in a constant and controlled manner. Adheres to SAE specifications for a controlled lighting area that will simulate illuminants used across all industries.
  • Color Sample Library – The extensive library at our Color Technology Center houses color samples of all completed and proven formulations. This library includes the ability to search all existing formulas for the closest match to a new submission.


  • Color Matching and Design – Our highly trained color-matching and design professionals formulate colorants and resins to meet precise color specifications and prepare customer samples

*The equipment described above is a representative list of capabilities at our color innovation centers. All equipment described above may not be available at all locations. Contact with your local A. Schulman sales professional to discuss your individual needs.