Innovations Applied
SCHULATEC® TinCo - The Electrically Conductive Compound

Schulatec TinCo

In a joint project A. Schulman together with Siemens AG, IKV Aachen and HEK GmbH have successfully developed a new group of compounds with an excellent electical conductivity. These new plastic-metal hybrids consist of SCHULAMID® 6 matrix material, copper fibre and a low-melting solder.

The specific electrical conductivity of this compound is in the range of 5•105 S/m. The electromagnetic damping is 80 dB in the frequency range between 30 kHz and 1.2 GHz (sample thickness = 1.5 mm). The thermal conductivity is > 7 W/(mK).


  • Very high electrical conductivity
  • Easy injection moulding processing on standard machines
  • Simplest contacting by
  • Soldering
  • Crimping
  • Overmolding
  • High electromagnetic shielding

Schulatec TinCo TECHNOLOGY
By combining copper fibres with a low-temperature melting metal, SCHULATEC® TinCo creates a whole new dimension in electrical conductivity. As a result, SCHULATEC® TinCo’s conductivity is 100–1.000 times higher than conventional conductive compounds using metal or carbon fibres.


  • Direct production of complex, electrical injection moulded, conducting structures
  • Cost savings resulting from high functional integration of the injection moulding process
  • Completely new design possibilities
  • Efficient production

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