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Thermoplastic and elastomer powders are used in a wide variety of industries where processors require their basic polymeric material to be of higher surface area, faster melting, better mixed, be permeable to air or water, or form a bond between other substrates.

Polymer powders can be used 100% to form a product as in the case of slush moulding of dashboards, or more often used as a component in a system, a good example of which is the thin layer of thermoplastic powder used in textiles as a glue.

Through their in-depth knowledge of polymeric materials ICO Polymers, the Specialty Powders Business Unit of A. Schulman, offers a range of READY TO USE specialized powders to many markets; exactly tailoring the powder properties and size distribution to suit the usage.

ICO Polymers also offers a size reduction SERVICE to customers who wish to source and supply their specific materials themselves. Details on materials used, specifications and often co-developed process equipment are kept strictly confidential. The service grinding business of ICO Polymers has been running since 1965.

Examples of some of the powder markets. Textile adhesives for laminating roll-goods together where carpet backing or non-woven laminating used in the automotive industry is a good example. Thermoplastic powders used for making durable, protective coatings on steel items such as fences, freezer baskets or even industrial mixing vessels for hot acids! Powder coating onto fabrics is also common such as used in making conveyer belts or dot coating on clothing. Powders can be hot pressed together to form sintered mats that can be used as filters or can be added to substrates such as fibre to bind them together. Many industries use powders as additives in their formulation, even in wide ranging applications as ink toners, cosmetics and body scrubs!

Other industries where powder plays an important role are compounding melt extrusion of polymers. Here, additives or colourants that cannot be sufficiently well mixed using pelletised polymer are better blended by using powders having with increased surface area.

ICO Polymers supplies a multitude of polymer powder solutions for thousands of creative customers around the world.

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